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The SinlessLife Interview: Producer NO ID Dishes On Roc Nation, Rihanna And Custom Jewelry

It’s Sunday night and we wind through the hills above Hollywood.  We glance above to see the glowing spot where the Transformers hung out at the Griffith Park Observatory.  The excitement builds as we arrive to interview one of the most successful producers of our time. We enter the studio and meet a goldmine of [...]

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Hollywood Entreprenuer To Watch: Lara Manoukian Brings SinlessLife, Jewelry And More, To The Stars

For Lara Manoukian, creating jewelry is a deep passion and contains deep meaning and symbolism.   Inspired by the creations she has seen on her world travels (especially by rosaries she saw in Spain), she is bringing her own to life in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and and the rest of the celebrity world.  With deep [...]

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