Quick Look: Danger Days For My Chemical Romance At San Diego’s 91x Wrex The Halls

Gerard Way and the guys from My Chemical Romance brought their theatrical brand of rock to a passionate full-house of fans at Viejas Arena for 91x’s Wrex The Halls.  The San Diego crowd was pumped up for this performance and it showed as they were on their feet for most of the set.  Sandwiched in-between legendary bands like The Smashing Pumpkins, Bad Religion and Jimmy Eat World, MCR did not disappoint.  Here are some photos from the show:


Gerard Way Of My Chemical Romance In San Diego. Photo: JB Brookman


My Chemical Romance Wrex The Halls In San Diego. Photo: JB Brookman


MCR Guitarist Frank Lero In San Diego. Photo: JB Brookman


Gerard Way At 91x's Wrex The Halls Show In San Diego. Photo: JB Brookman


Mikey Way From My Chemical Romance. Photo: JB Brookman


My Chemical Romance Plays Songs From Danger Day. Photo: JB Brookman

My Chemical Romance In San Diego. Photo: JB Brookman

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  1. daniela says:

    its frank iero not frank lero 🙂 other than that great pictires 🙂

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