311 Shares Good Vibes At The Santa Barbara Bowl

311 brings the good feeling vibes to the Santa Barbara Bowl.
311 in Santa Barbara.
Thousands of 311 fans filled the Bowl up to its brim, during another successful show in Santa Barbara.  Del Mar, a band from Reno- specializing in relaxed surf music- ignited the night with some pick-me-up tracks, mixed with punk and sweet acoustic rock- as the doors opened for the unbelievably large crowd.

Sublime with Rome…  a collaboration between Sublime’s Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh and musician Rome Ramirez are experimenting with a music genre salad of alternative rock, hip hop, and reggae.  The audience, despite mainly being 311 fans,  knew all the songs that Sublime with Rome played.  The band was so overwhelmed with the warm welcome that they vocalized the desire to never stop playing.  They covered all the Sublime hits, plus some lesser-known songs, and still the crowd sang along with every word.

After an hour long set, Sublime with Rome retired, with big smiles. 311 waited to pounce, disguised by a dark stage.  The neck of Aaron “P-Nut” Will’s bass guitar was lit in the shadows, showing the only sign of life.  The crowd grew more and more wild, ramping up the volume of the Santa Barbara-style cheers.  The band suddenly materialized on stage…  on came the bright center-stage lights…  and the band opened the night with “Beautiful Disaster.”  The Santa Barbara Unity Tour 2011 stop featured many songs  from 311’s latest albums, “Uplifter” and “Universal Pulse.”  The band also pumped out such old school hits as “Do You Right,” “All Mixed Up,” and “Amber.”

311 filled the night with 24 songs, concluding their three-song encore with “Creatures For A While”- from their 2003 album, “Evolver,” and then finally bidding their upbeat and exhausted, but, exceedingly contented Santa Barbara crowd a good-night.
Nick Hexum of 311.
311 at the Santa Barbara Bowl.
Nick Hexum.


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