Carrie Underwood: First Movie Role/New Video For “Temporary Home”

Carrie Underwood - Temporary Home

Carrie Underwood had a big weekend, taking part in the 3D Michael Jackson tribute at the Grammy’s.  Now, Underwood is taking the next step in her stellar career by starring in her first feature film, “Soul Surfer.”

The drama is based on the real-life miracle story of surfing champion and shark attack survivor, Bethany Hamilton.  Underwood is said to be cast as a church youth leader.  Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid are also reportedly cast in the film.

The film role follows her appearance in an episode of “How I Met Your Mother.”

In other Underwood news, here is the video for the single, “Temporary Home.”  ‘Home’ is one inspirational, moving and powerful song.  In the following video she is interviewed about the meaning of the track.


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