Coldplay’s New Single “Christmas Lights” (Video)

chris martin coldplay
Coldplay- "Christmas Lights"

The video for the new Coldplay single, “Christmas Lights.”  Chris Martin and the boys from Britain are at it again- this time, with a Smashing Pumpkins-like Holiday video that fits this season perfectly!  Give us your feedback in the comment section, below!

Christmas Lights is out now in all digital stores – get it from . The video was directed by Mat Whitecross and filmed in London on Thursday November 25th, 2010.


One thought on “Coldplay’s New Single “Christmas Lights” (Video)

  1. I love this song so much definitely a hit in my heart. Coldplay is the greatest band in my heart, even if they aren’t to other people. But honestly, is their any other band you could possibly compare to Coldplay? They are truly one of the best bands the world has had. If some people disagree I would prefer they leave their comments and dislikes to themselves, some people actually love Coldplay and when people give negative feedback, that’s only making Coldplay push back from us.

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