Concert Review: Eddie Vedder At The Santa Barbara Bowl

Eddie Vedder at the Santa Barbara Bowl.


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder lured a full house into the Santa Barbara Bowl, on July 9th, as part of his U.S. tour supporting his latest album, “Ukelele Songs.”
Igniting Vedder’s show was The Frames and The Swell Season’s Glen Hansard.  Producing six songs and a standing ovation here and there, he prided himself on his magnificent guitar-playing skills.   He kept the crowd on edge and hoped not to break a string with his immensely strong, and harshly rapid playing during his guitar solos.
Not long after Hansard’s set, Vedder burst forth, prompting heartening and defeaning applause from the audience.  Armed with his ukelele and a smiling face, he started the long road down his setlist with “Can’t Keep,” and later on asked the audience if they would buy him a drink and place it on the stage.  Vedder was barely finished with his humble request before a few sporty fans stood up and placed different kinds of drinks by the speakers.  Followed by several more drinks, Vedder played a few more songs, including “Sleeping By Myself” and “Without You.”
During Vedder’s lengthy set that covered 27 songs and two encore breaks, Hansard came out and played with him, including the songs “Society,” “Falling Slowly,” and “Hard Sun.”  Vedder also broke out a string quartet from time to time, polishing his impeccable blend of music.  After the first encore break, he performed some covers of a few classic songs, such as “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away,” originally by the Beatles, and “Redemption Song,” originally by Bob Marley.
Vedder and Hansard could pull out a great show from a top hat.  Their mega talent is uncontainable.  They also make a great duo, as both their voices and playing skills blend together perfectly.  Santa Barbara got its money’s worth with this packed show.  I reckon that it’s going down one of the Bowl’s biggest shows of this year.
Eddie Vedder brings his Ukelele Songs to Santa Barbara.
Glen Hansard in Santa Barbara.
Glen Hansard at The Santa Barbara Bowl.
Glen Hansard.


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