Concert Review: Incubus At The Santa Barbara Bowl

Incubus lead singer Brandon Boyd in Santa Barbara.


Twenty-year rock veterans Incubus wowed the audience with a one-off stop at the Santa Barbara Bowl on July 15, supporting their sixth studio album, “If Not Now, When?”
They opened with three of their older but well-known hits, “Megalomaniac,” “Wish You Were Here” and “Pardon Me.”  While they were advertising their new album, they plucked out a couple of tracks from it including their lead single, “Adolescents.”  “Promises, Promises,” and “In the Company of Wolves,” were also included in the boisterous set.
Incubus’ vigilance, especially the hyper-active lead singer Brandon Boyd’s, showed their vision to move the crowd into a frenzy.  The band pampered the stage with crazy lights and a live feed video backdrop that somehow pulled the audience into a psychadelic chamber.  They rocketed off into a great start for their upcoming tour and proved that though their new album has altered their famed music style, the change didn’t keep them from rocking the house still.

More info on the upcoming Incubus tour, including a show in LA, can be found at

Incubus rocks the Santa Barbara Bowl.
Brandon Boyd shows his passionate leadership and vocals in Santa Barbara.
Incubus performs at the Santa Barbara Bowl.


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