Concert Review: Wiz Khalifa Makes Santa Barbara Bowl Crowd Say Yeah

Wiz Khalifa in Santa Barbara.
Hypnotic beats boomed thru the Santa Barbara Bowl as rap fanatics flocked there on Thursday night. The evening was started by Chevy Woods, an up-and-coming rap artist from Pittsburgh, PA- who has been touring this year with fellow Pittsburgh musician, Wiz Khalifa. Woods set the crowd on fire, from the start.  As a new artist in this area, he has a lot of potential to offer.
Big Sean rolled in next.  Personally, I liked his onstage play.  He and his crew talked to and connected with the audience.  Especially Big Sean, who, at his second time performing in Santa Barbara, had grown extremely fond of his Californian fans.  He talked about his grandmother and his life, onstage, to which the crowd responded to with applause.
When Wiz Khalifa came on, in the middle of deafening calls and claps from the fans, he started his set with Chevy Woods and then later with Big Sean.  Khalifa promoted most of his big-hit songs, including his infamous, “Say Yeah,” which won the audience over- obviously a favorite.  He finished the night with a couple more songs- advertising his new album, “Rolling Papers.”
Overall, I really liked Khalifa’s show and the chemistry between the three rappers.   Not exclusively during the songs that featured them as solo artists, but, also together- where they showed their friendship that sealed this tour.  This also showed how devoted they are to their art and music.  In my book the idea of a great show is the balance between how the songs were performed–not just during a single artist’s set, but, also between opening acts–and with that, I believe that Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods, and Big Sean nailed this one.
Wiz Khalifa.
Wiz Khalifa Santa Barbara Bowl.
Wiz Khalifa.
Wiz Khalifa touring with his new album Rolling Papers.
Big Sean.
Big Sean.
Big Sean in Santa Barbara.
Chevy Woods.


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