Frampton Comes Alive, 35 Years Later In Santa Barbara

Frampton Comes Alive, 2011 style.
Released in January 1976, “Frampton Comes Alive!” is one of the best-selling live albums of all time. For its 35th anniversary, English musician Peter Frampton decided to dedicate a world tour to the event.  Frampton would perform all of the tracks from the phenomenal double album, side to side and front to back.
July 31st at the Santa Barbara Bowl started and ended with flocks of Frampton fans of different ages, entering the historic venue.  They relished all of  his best singles, his concerts they went to in the old days, and some even reunited just for the sake of another night with him. It was an amazing audience to begin with, hearty enough in numbers, but the support they showed to Frampton was priceless.
Frampton began with a sharp start and covered all of the tracks on “Frampton Comes Alive!”- as promised, but, also added a few sprinkles of songs from his later releases.  The instrumental, “Fingerprints” and the more recent, “Thank You Mr. Churchill,” were part of the set.  Fans appreciated the new era of Frampton’s music as much as the nostalgic energy of his 70’s album.  They welcomed him back to the Bowl, on a historic night.  “Thank You Mr. Churchill,” is believed to be Frampton’s most personal album yet, following its outbreak this spring.
You can read more about Peter Frampton and the Frampton Comes Alive Tour HERE.
Peter Frampton in Santa Barbara.
Baby, I Love Your Way, 35 years later.
The Santa Barbara Bowl hosts Peter Frampton.
Frampton Comes Alive 35th Anniversary Tour.
Frampton Comes Alive.


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