From The Underrated Bin: The Smashing Pumpkins “Stand Inside Your Love” (Video)

From The Underrated Bin: The Smashing Pumpkins “Stand Inside Your Love” (Video)

Soaring Alternative Rock Track From Billy Corgan and Company Off Their Machina Album Will Take You On An Emotional Love Journey

From The Underrated Bin: A weekly series where we will dust off a track that has been overlooked or never got the hype it deserved.

Can a love song rock your face off?

William Patrick Corgan proves it can.

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In a song that the meteoric lead singer wrote about his then girlfriend Yelena Yemchuk (who is the girl in the video), he made the choice of going with the classic “wall of sound” guitars that made the Pumpkins legendary and wove them around gooey lyrics like this:

You and me
Meant to be
It’s destiny
Pure lunacy

The Smashing Pumpkins- Stand Inside Your Love

Drummer Jimmy Chamberlin is the champion of this track. There is nobody- and I do mean nobody- who makes the drums sound like a melodic instrument like he does. The “creative paradiddles” as Chamberlin sometimes jokes around about are so driving on Stand, that they almost force you up out of your chair to throw that fist in the air and maybe believe a bit more in the concept of love. If you have not seen Chamberlin’s latest interview with Rick Beato, be sure to check it out below…

The video is a tribute to the 1891 play Salome by Oscar Wilde. There is a famous story that Sharon Osbourne, hated the video so much that she left the band’s management. But, it won the Most Visionary Video award at the 2000 VH1Fashion Awards.

But for the last time
You’re everything that I want and ask for
You’re all that I’d dreamed
Who wouldn’t be the one you love
Who wouldn’t stand inside your love
Protected and the lover of

As lovey-dovey as these lyrics may seem, there are few who can weave a web like Billy Corgan and the tapestry he creates with the idea of a man climbing inside “the love” of his partner is both jarring and genius. Take a listen to this track and let us know what you think in the comments.

A pure soul and beautiful you
Don’t understand
Don’t feel me now
I will breathe
For the both of us
Travel the world
Traverse the skies
Your home is here
Within my heart

And for the first time
I feel as though I am reborn
In my mind
Recast as child and mystic sage
Who wouldn’t be the one you love
Who wouldn’t stand inside your love

And for the first time
I’m telling you how much I need and bleed for
Your every move and waking sound
In my time
I’ll wrap my wire around your heart and your mind
You’re mine forever now

Who wouldn’t be the one you love and live for
Who wouldn’t stand inside your love and die for
Who wouldn’t be the one you love


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