Goodbye “Hollywood” Sign: Iconic Landmark To Dissapear This Thursday

It is truly a Hollywood Icon in the hills above the city.  The “Hollywood” sign is known all around the world and many may do a double take this Thursday when it will be covered up.

Don’t panic… it’s only temporary.  A nature conservation group called, “Trust For Public Lands” will cover the sign for a day with a banner that reads, “Save The Peak.”

Trust For Public Lands, said it has reached a deal that would protect a huge swath of land above the  Hollywood sign from being developed into luxury homes. The group’s president, Will Rogers, said Monday that the Trust secured an option to buy the rugged 138-acre parcel for about $12 million fromChicago-based Fox River Financial Resources.

The LAPD has sent out an email alert to the residents of Hollywood as not to cause a panic.  Word is that Trust is still awaiting final approval from the city.


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