Grooves and Melodies Mix With Raw Emotion In New Album By Scott Williamson

Grooves and Melodies Mix With Raw Emotion In New Album By Scott Williamson

Scott Williamson Takes Us On His Journey With A Stunning and Powerful “Biography.”


By JB Brookman, Nashville Live/Hollywood Icon

Here’s our review of the new solo disk from Nashville-based Drummer/Producer/Singer/Songwriter, Scott Williamson.

This album is, simply put, life-changing.

I came across this album at the darkest time of my life and I rode it’s journey of deeply real and soul-searching lyrics, back to joy. The musical genius of Scott Williamson is apparent, throughout- he took me on a ride through a well-crafted fusion of jazz, r and b, funk and rock. His trademark soaring melodies hammered home the deep realities of the themes of this album. It’s focus seemed to be the very honest searching of a man who loves Jesus, but, is very human and hurting in the same breath. I couldn’t get past the first two songs (That’s What Joy Feels Like, Biography) for at least a week. Their doubting, questioning and sometimes even fearful tone, sent me on a mission of looking at my own questions. I Can’t Hear You is an ancient Psalm of lament, wrapped in the package of a hit song. It seemed to center the record and give it a place to change tone.

The last 5 tracks on Biography were still filled with gut-wrenchingly human lyrics, but, started being filled with answers. The answer that “still You love me.” Williamson seems to take the focus off of his own pain, suffering and problems and turns to seeing Jesus for who He really is. In these moments, you can feel the healing that only God can bring. To put it simply, you feel Grace.

Williamson accomplishes this with a treasure chest of instruments, driving rhythms and perfectly arranged vocals (some sung by his siblings, Amy Joy Weimer and Kara Tualatai, who form the group ThreeStrand with Williamson). We all know Scott is one of the best drummers on the planet. His possibly “underrated” gift is in songwriting and producing. There are no genres of music that describe a Williamson track. You jump into an adventure at every turn. You may think to yourself- I just listened to some deep funk… nah, that really felt like jazz… but, it really kind of rocked. The type of artist that can cook up this type of meal is very rare and I’m here to feast!

This is an album written by a man who has known suffering and met his Creator in that place. I felt an affinity to this music and it brought about a change in me. I believe this is a must-buy for any of those searching for God.

Listen To Biography by Scott Williamson here


Scott has previously worked with artists such as: Blake Shelton, Kip Moore, Reba, Franchesca Battistelli, Natalie Grant, Alice Cooper, Michael W. Smith, Point Of Grace, Lincoln Brewster, DC Talk


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