Jack White Releases “Sixteen Saltines” Video

Jack White: "Sixteen Saltines".

Having premiered at VEVO, Jack White’s thoroughly unsettling “Sixteen Saltines” video can also be viewed at jackwhiteIII.com.

Directed by AG Rojas, “Sixteen Saltines” is a 180 degree turn from the previous “Love Interruption” video, eschewing that clip’s seductive palette for a magnification of the last frontier of urban wasteland and its dispossessed youth left to indulge any impulse. “Sixteen Saltines” seems to take place in a waking nightmare world outside of time or any kind of rule, a place you’d never want to live–but one you can’t stop visiting.

“Sixteen Saltines” is the second single from Jack White’s forthcoming debut album Blunderbuss, out April 24 on Third Man Records/Columbia and available for pre-order at jackwhiteIII.com.

“Sixteen Saltines” is currently available via iTunes or as a 7″ vinyl single available at your local purveyor of fine music or jackwhiteIII.com. To commemorate Record Store Day on April 21, Jack’s Third Man Records will release a “Sixteen Saltines” 12-inch featuring a  George Ingram-designed playable etching of the iconic Third Man logo on the B-side (Jack’s  cover of U2’s “Love is Blindness”). The grooves of the record play through the image, making it the world’s first-ever playable etched record ®. An ultra-limited-edition version of the “Sixteen Saltines” 12-inch, also featuring the playable etching, will pressed on clear vinyl–and filled with psychedelic blue liquid. The liquid-filled “Saltines” is the first-ever disc of its kind to be made available to the public–and will only be available at Third Man’s store in Nashville.


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