Jason Liebman Brings Sweet Sacrifice To Room 5 In Hollywood

New York City was in the house tonight at Room 5 in Hollywood, as Jason Liebman took the stage for an acoustic appearance.  His impressive showcase proved that this is a performer with the potential to break through to the next level in the popular music scene.

The latest Jason Liebman album is called Sweet Sacrifice.  It’s a good-feeling journey into pop, blues and soul singing.   The storytelling is strong and there is a rhythm to the album as a whole.  This is quite a feat when you consider that the music floats from guitar-heavy rock, to classic acoustic singer/songwriter material and then to bluesy New Orleans horns.  At the end of the listen, you’ll have laughed, thought a few deep thoughts, and most of all be in a really positive mood.  It’s one of those perfect disks to have on in the background when guests are in your home… definitely a quality buy.

Jason Liebman at Room 5 © JB Brookman Hollywood Icon Magazine (3 of 5) copy

Liebman’s voice has all the subtle layers in it that make you long for another listen.  He’s been compared to Jeff Buckley and Rufus Wainwright, amongst others.  We would say that there is a little Neil Finn (Crowded House, Finn Brothers) thrown into the mix.  It’s that emotional tenor that floats with ease through the melodies, while having enough rasp to anchor it to the earth.

His music has been featured on MTV (Next) and Nickelodeon (iCarly, Zoey 101).

Liebman was especially jovial during this show, because he was, “playing for people that he knows.”  This was the end of a Los Angeles road trip which included performances at the Pig N Whistle and the Dakota Music Lounge.  Room 5 was packed with enthusiastic supporters (including friends and family), interacting with the artist at every opportunity.  Smiles and good vibes were all around.

Liebman thanked an actor in the crowd for letting him stay at his place, during the tour.  He was Austin Basis, from the CW show, Life Unexpected.

During the night, Liebman rolled though tracks off of his album and a few covers while showcasing his guitar playing abilities and a great sense of humor.  We found the audience waiting in eager anticipation of his next smile or amusing anecdote.  His self-assured confidence was intertwined with his obvious deep love for music and was refreshing to experience.

Highlights of the show included the title track from the album (“Sweet Sacrifice”) and “The Stars Above.”  Liebman did an acoustic version of a politically tinged, horn-driven track off the album called, “Government Blues.”  The song is about health care and evoked a reaction from many in the room and brought the biggest ovation of the night.

Jason Liebman’s brief tour of Hollywood ended with a rush of hugs and handshakes.  There was a feeling in the air that the future would bring exciting things.  Hollywood Icon Magazine would agree and this is one of those artists that you don’t want to sleep on.

Jason Liebman at Room 5 © JB Brookman Hollywood Icon Magazine (2 of 5) copy

Photos: JB Brookman


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