Jimmy Eat World Wrex The Halls At San Diego Holiday Show

Jimmy Eat World stood out from the rest of the bands at 91x’s Wrex The Halls event at San Diego’s Viejas Arena.  Their set was loud, tight and crowd-pleasing.  They have reached a place in their career where they have a plethora of radio hits to play and stoke the passion of a full arena.  This suits them well in the Holiday multiple-band format.

JEW came out hammering and did not let up.  Included in their infectious, heavy groove were hits like, “My Best Theory,” “Bleed American,” “Work,” and “Lucky Denver Mint.”  The rhythm section of drummer Zach Lind and bassist Rick Burch were firing on all cylinders.  The guitar combo of Jim Adkins and Tom Linton emitted waves of chiming energy through the surging crowd.  They kept the , throughout their set.

Finishing with the sing-along anthem, “The Middle,” and their euphoric closer, “Sweetness,” Jimmy Eat World left San Diego with a heaping helping of Holiday spirit.

Be sure to grab Jimmy Eat World’s new album, Invented.  One of the can’t-miss records of 2010.

Zach Lind Of JEW During "My Best Theory." Photo: JB Brookman
Jimmy Eat World's Jim Adkins At 91x Wrex The Halls In San Diego. Photo: JB Brookman
Jimmy Eat World Guitarist Tom Linton. Photo: JB Brookman
Rick Burch Of Jimmy Eat World At Wrex The Halls. Photo: JB Brookman
Photo: JB Brookman
Drummer Zach Lind. Photo: JB Brookman
Jimmy Eat World In San Diego. Photo: JB Brookman
Bassist Rick Burch Of Jimmy Eat World. Photo: JB Brookman
Tom Linton At San Diego's Wrex The Halls. Photo: JB Brookman
Jim Adkins Rocks San Diego. Photo: JB Brookman


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