Justin Bieber Brings The Noise, Tons Of Surprises To Staples Center In Los Angeles

Justin Bieber Turns On The Charm At Staples Center In LA. Photo: JB Brookman

It was a night full of emotional swells and surprises at Staples Center as the Justin Bieber My World 2.o Tour rolled through LA on Monday night.

What was not surprising was the throng of young female fans with their mothers and a plethora of single women who seemed to be “just a little bit” too excited, themselves!  There were over 19,000 of them, including one extremely lucky girl.  The girl came downtown with her mother, without a ticket.  She had made her own Bieber t-shirt.  Out of nowhere, a member of Bieber’s management showed up with two tickets for the understandably euphoric youngster.

Sean Kingston opened the night with a spirited set, complete with dancers clad in dark green and yellow letterman jackets.  By the time that his set was done, there was a box of confiscated homemade Bieber fan signs, overflowing backstage (Staples Center does not allow signs).  The Justin Bieber hysteria was in full effect.


Sean Kingston Performs With Justin Bieber. Photo: JB Brookman

The tension within the arena was tangible… A video wall suddenly flashed with a countdown timer, starting at 15 minutes.  When the clock ticked down under a minute, the deafening roar felt as if it would shake your head off!  A shiny metal globe was lowered down to the floor and smoke shot out of the floor.

Justin Bieber Rises From The Smoke In His LA Show. Photo: JB Brookman

As Justin Bieber rose from the depths through the smoke, you could not deny the amazing charisma that he has.  For as much as a 16-year old artist having this much early fame could be considered a fad, the reaction from the fans made it tangible.  He even gave props to Kobe Bryant

Bieber was dressed in a white spaceman looking outfit, with over-sized purple and white high tops.  The kid had his charm turned up to 11 from the start, mixing choreographed dance moves and flirtatious glances towards the swooning crowd.  One telling aspect of his outfit was a heart on his left sleeve.

The surprises were tremendous… at one point, Bieber’s mentor, Usher, emerged to sing with him (Usher will be performing at Staples Center in November).

Later, rising kid actor and Will and Jada’s son Jaden Smith took to the stage with his good friend, JB.  Los Angeles was eating this night up!

About half way through the show, Bieber said, “I might get in trouble for this, L.A.,” he said. “I got a special treat for you guys!”  He proceeded to debut the trailer for his upcoming 3D documentary, “Never Say Never.”

The loudest and most crowd pleasing moment of the concert was when Roc Nation artist Willow Smith grabbed the mic and thrilled everyone in the house with her debut single, “Whip My Hair.”  When the two young performers launched into a freestyle dance-off, the combined age on the stage was only 25.  But, the affection of the fans was never greater than when the duo taught the crowd how to do the Dougie.  Smith and Bieber shared a hug as she left the stage.

The talent of young Bieber cannot be denied.  At different times of the evening the performer sang, danced, played the piano, drums and guitar — and even rapped.  Long after the Bieber Fever had subsided, the artist took to Twitter and said, “LA TONIGHT WAS CRAZY!!!! USHER, JADEN, SEAN, and even my lil sis WILLOW SMITH!!!! WE SHUT LA DOWN!!!!!!!! LOVE YALL.

No matter what your opinion of Justin Bieber, this truth stands strong… he puts on a really good show.


Bieber Fever In Full Effect In Los Angeles. Photo: JB Brookman
Justin Bieber's Show Included Usher, Jaden Smith and Willow Smith. Photo: JB Brookman
Bieber Brings The Noise In LA. Photo: JB Brookman


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