KJEE Winter Roundup Brings The Holiday Energy to Santa Barbara’s Arlington Theatre

KJEE brought out the big Holiday Spirit guns for their 2012 Winter Roundup, on Monday night.

Metric at the KJEE Winter Round Up. Photo: Garrett Geyer
Tegan & Sara at Santa Barbara's Arlington Theatre. Photo: Garrett Geyer
Metric plays the KJEE Winter Round Up in Santa Barbara. Photo: Garrett Geyer
Tegan & Sara at KJEE's Winter Round Up at the Arlington Theatre, in Santa Barbara. Photo: Garrett Geyer

Metric, Tegan & Sara, Youngblood Hawke and Beware of Darkness were the talented lineup.  Metric was- hands down- the crowd rocking highlight of the night.  They only played 8 songs, but, strongly left their mark.  KJEE always does their radio station shows right!  The talent they have brought to the table, over the past 2 or 3 years is amazing!  From up and comers Foster the People and Grouplove to stalwarts like Garbage- their shows always deliver.

Hollywood Icon Magazine sent their rocktographer, Garrett Geyer, to capture the night’s energy!


1. “I’m Not Your Hero”

2. “Back In Your Head”

3. “The Con”

4. “Walking with a Ghost”

5. “Hell”

6. “So Jealous”

7. “Where Does The Good Go?”

8. “Now I’m All Messed Up”

9. “Nineteen”

10. “Call It Off”

11. “Living Room”

12. “Alligator”

13. “Feel It in My Bones”

14. “Closer”


1. “Artificial Nocturne”

2. “Youth without Youth “

3. “Speed the Collapse”

4. “Dreams So Real”

5. “Help I’m Alive”

6. “Synthetica”

7. “Breathing Under Water”

8. “Dead Disco”


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