LA Lakers: See Pau Gasol Dunk Over A Youth In India On NBA Ambassador Trip

Pau Gasol is an ambassador for the NBA this offseason.  Lakers fans should be thankful that he is not playing and is getting time to rest and get ready physically for a run at a THREE-PEAT!

Who knew that Pau had THIS kind of hops?  This is part of an NBA Cares outreach trip that Gasol’s on right now  It is pretty great to see him working with kids and giving them a taste of the flash of the NBA.

SLAM’s Karen Madhok said this:

Gasol again turned into a quiet crowd-pleaser in Delhi, speaking softly and letting his skills do the talking. He worked with the kids on dribbling drills, showed off his pivot, Hakeem-esque fadeaway, and of course, did a variety of dunks at the DPS basketball court, including doing a “jumpman” style dunk over a hapless kid in a ‘Starbury’ t-shirt!


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