Nashville Bullriding: 2023 PBR Teams Game Schedule Announced

Nashville Bullriding: 2023 PBR Teams Game Schedule Announced

Three Day Event Hits Bridgestone Arena in August. All games during 11-event season to be carried on CBS, CBS Sports Network or Pluto TV

PUEBLO, Colo.- PBR (Professional Bull Riders) today announced the 2023 game schedule for PBR Teams, an elite league featuring the world’s top bull riders competing in five-on-five bull riding games during an 11-event season.

The 2023 PBR Teams season will include a three-day homestand event hosted by each of the eight founding teams – Arizona Ridge Riders, Austin Gamblers, Carolina Cowboys, Kansas City Outlaws, Missouri Thunder, Nashville Stampede, Oklahoma Freedom, and Texas Rattlers – and will begin with neutral site games in Cheyenne, Wyoming, while traveling to Anaheim, California for a second neutral site event in August. The Teams Championship returns to T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on October 20-22. 

“The PBR Teams inaugural season showed anything can happen in a team format, surpassing our highest expectations for the new league,” said Sean Gleason, CEO and Commissioner, PBR.  “Seven of the eight teams were ranked No. 1 at one point. Entering the playoffs, the eighth-seeded Nashville Stampede got hot to beat the three top-seeded teams in a dramatic Cinderella run to win the first Championship. During the off season, rosters were fine-tuned, coaching staffs were bolstered, and with rivalries developing, it will be very exciting for fans to experience the drama sure to unfold as eight fired-up teams charge toward to the 2023 Championship in Las Vegas.”

Every game will be carried by CBS (with seven “Game of the Week” broadcasts), CBS Sports Network, or Pluto TV. Kate Harrison returns for Season 2 as the play-by-play voice of PBR Teams alongside Matt West.  Flint Rasmussen also returns to the broadcast, now in a full-time TV role. Five-time PRCA Champion Luke Branqhuino will join the broadcast team as well.  The full broadcast schedule will be made available on PBR.COM

2023 PBR Teams regular season game schedule:

WeekDateVenue        AwayHome
17/24/2023Cheyenne, WYTexas RattlersCarolina Cowboys
17/24/2023Cheyenne, WYNashville StampedeMissouri Thunder
17/24/2023Cheyenne, WYAustin GamblersKansas City Outlaws
17/24/2023Cheyenne, WYOklahoma FreedomArizona Ridge Riders
17/25/2023Cheyenne, WYAustin GamblersMissouri Thunder
17/25/2023Cheyenne, WYOklahoma FreedomKansas City Outlaws
17/25/2023Cheyenne, WYTexas RattlersNashville Stampede
17/25/2023Cheyenne, WYCarolina CowboysArizona Ridge Riders
28/3/2023Kansas City, MOTexas RattlersOklahoma Freedom
28/3/2023Kansas City, MOCarolina CowboysMissouri Thunder
28/3/2023Kansas City, MOAustin GamblersNashville Stampede
28/3/2023Kansas City, MOArizona Ridge RidersKansas City Outlaws
28/4/2023Kansas City, MONashville StampedeCarolina Cowboys
28/4/2023Kansas City, MOAustin GamblersTexas Rattlers
28/4/2023Kansas City, MOArizona Ridge RidersMissouri Thunder
28/4/2023Kansas City, MOOklahoma FreedomKansas City Outlaws
28/5/2023Kansas City, MOArizona Ridge RidersTexas Rattlers
28/5/2023Kansas City, MOAustin GamblersCarolina Cowboys
28/5/2023Kansas City, MOOklahoma FreedomNashville Stampede
28/5/2023Kansas City, MOMissouri ThunderKansas City Outlaws
38/12/2023Anaheim, CAMissouri ThunderOklahoma Freedom
38/12/2023Anaheim, CAKansas City OutlawsNashville Stampede
38/12/2023Anaheim, CAArizona Ridge RidersTexas Rattlers
38/12/2023Anaheim, CACarolina CowboysAustin Gamblers
38/13/2023Anaheim, CAArizona Ridge RidersMissouri Thunder
38/13/2023Anaheim, CANashville StampedeOklahoma Freedom
38/13/2023Anaheim, CAKansas City OutlawsAustin Gamblers
38/13/2023Anaheim, CACarolina CowboysTexas Rattlers
48/18/2023Nashville, TNKansas City OutlawsTexas Rattlers
48/18/2023Nashville, TNCarolina CowboysOklahoma Freedom
48/18/2023Nashville, TNArizona Ridge RidersAustin Gamblers
48/18/2023Nashville, TNMissouri ThunderNashville Stampede
48/19/2023Nashville, TNMissouri ThunderOklahoma Freedom
48/19/2023Nashville, TNAustin GamblersCarolina Cowboys
48/19/2023Nashville, TNTexas RattlersArizona Ridge Riders
48/19/2023Nashville, TNKansas City OutlawsNashville Stampede
48/20/2023Nashville, TNMissouri ThunderAustin Gamblers
48/20/2023Nashville, TNCarolina CowboysKansas City Outlaws
48/20/2023Nashville, TNOklahoma FreedomTexas Rattlers
48/20/2023Nashville, TNArizona Ridge RidersNashville Stampede
58/25/2023Austin, TXCarolina CowboysTexas Rattlers
58/25/2023Austin, TXMissouri ThunderArizona Ridge Riders
58/25/2023Austin, TXOklahoma FreedomNashville Stampede
58/25/2023Austin, TXKansas City OutlawsAustin Gamblers
58/26/2023Austin, TXOklahoma FreedomMissouri Thunder
58/26/2023Austin, TXCarolina CowboysArizona Ridge Riders
58/26/2023Austin, TXNashville StampedeKansas City Outlaws
58/26/2023Austin, TXTexas RattlersAustin Gamblers
58/27/2023Austin, TXCarolina CowboysKansas City Outlaws
58/27/2023Austin, TXNashville StampedeArizona Ridge Riders
58/27/2023Austin, TXMissouri ThunderTexas Rattlers
58/27/2023Austin, TXOklahoma FreedomAustin Gamblers
69/8/2023Oklahoma City, OKTexas RattlersKansas City Outlaws
69/8/2023Oklahoma City, OKAustin GamblersArizona Ridge Riders
69/8/2023Oklahoma City, OKMissouri ThunderNashville Stampede
69/8/2023Oklahoma City, OKCarolina CowboysOklahoma Freedom
69/9/2023Oklahoma City, OKNashville StampedeAustin Gamblers
69/9/2023Oklahoma City, OKArizona Ridge RidersKansas City Outlaws
69/9/2023Oklahoma City, OKCarolina CowboysMissouri Thunder
69/9/2023Oklahoma City, OKTexas RattlersOklahoma Freedom
69/10/2023Oklahoma City, OKTexas RattlersAustin Gamblers
69/10/2023Oklahoma City, OKKansas City OutlawsMissouri Thunder
69/10/2023Oklahoma City, OKCarolina CowboysNashville Stampede
69/10/2023Oklahoma City, OKArizona Ridge RidersOklahoma Freedom
79/15/2023Ridgedale, MOAustin GamblersArizona Ridge Riders
79/15/2023Ridgedale, MOOklahoma FreedomCarolina Cowboys
79/15/2023Ridgedale, MONashville StampedeTexas Rattlers
79/15/2023Ridgedale, MOKansas City OutlawsMissouri Thunder
79/16/2023Ridgedale, MOKansas City OutlawsCarolina Cowboys
79/16/2023Ridgedale, MOAustin GamblersOklahoma Freedom
79/16/2023Ridgedale, MOArizona Ridge RidersNashville Stampede
79/16/2023Ridgedale, MOTexas RattlersMissouri Thunder
79/17/2023Ridgedale, MOCarolina CowboysAustin Gamblers
79/17/2023Ridgedale, MONashville StampedeKansas City Outlaws
79/17/2023Ridgedale, MOTexas RattlersArizona Ridge Riders
79/17/2023Ridgedale, MOOklahoma FreedomMissouri Thunder
89/22/2023Greensboro, NCKansas City OutlawsOklahoma Freedom
89/22/2023Greensboro, NCMissouri ThunderAustin Gamblers
89/22/2023Greensboro, NCTexas RattlersNashville Stampede
89/22/2023Greensboro, NCArizona Ridge RidersCarolina Cowboys
89/23/2023Greensboro, NCNashville StampedeMissouri Thunder
89/23/2023Greensboro, NCArizona Ridge RidersAustin Gamblers
89/23/2023Greensboro, NCKansas City OutlawsTexas Rattlers
89/23/2023Greensboro, NCOklahoma FreedomCarolina Cowboys
89/24/2023Greensboro, NCAustin GamblersOklahoma Freedom
89/24/2023Greensboro, NCKansas City OutlawsArizona Ridge Riders
89/24/2023Greensboro, NCTexas RattlersMissouri Thunder
89/24/2023Greensboro, NCNashville StampedeCarolina Cowboys
99/29/2023Glendale, AZKansas City OutlawsCarolina Cowboys
99/29/2023Glendale, AZOklahoma FreedomAustin Gamblers
99/29/2023Glendale, AZMissouri ThunderTexas Rattlers
99/29/2023Glendale, AZNashville StampedeArizona Ridge Riders
99/30/2023Glendale, AZAustin GamblersKansas City Outlaws
99/30/2023Glendale, AZNashville StampedeOklahoma Freedom
99/30/2023Glendale, AZTexas RattlersCarolina Cowboys
99/30/2023Glendale, AZMissouri ThunderArizona Ridge Riders
910/1/2023Glendale, AZNashville StampedeAustin Gamblers
910/1/2023Glendale, AZMissouri ThunderCarolina Cowboys
910/1/2023Glendale, AZTexas RattlersKansas City Outlaws
910/1/2023Glendale, AZOklahoma FreedomArizona Ridge Riders
1010/6/2023Ft Worth, TXMissouri ThunderCarolina Cowboys
1010/6/2023Ft Worth, TXKansas City OutlawsArizona Ridge Riders
1010/6/2023Ft Worth, TXAustin GamblersNashville Stampede
1010/6/2023Ft Worth, TXOklahoma FreedomTexas Rattlers
1010/7/2023Ft Worth, TXCarolina CowboysNashville Stampede
1010/7/2023Ft Worth, TXArizona Ridge RidersOklahoma Freedom
1010/7/2023Ft Worth, TXMissouri ThunderKansas City Outlaws
1010/7/2023Ft Worth, TXAustin GamblersTexas Rattlers
1010/8/2023Ft Worth, TXKansas City OutlawsOklahoma Freedom
1010/8/2023Ft Worth, TXArizona Ridge RidersCarolina Cowboys
1010/8/2023Ft Worth, TXAustin GamblersMissouri Thunder
1010/8/2023Ft Worth, TXNashville StampedeTexas Rattlers

PBR Teams complements the premier PBR Unleash The Beast, which in May concluded its 30th Anniversary World Finals in Fort Worth, Texas with Rafael Jose de Brito, a member of the Texas Rattlers, winning the World Finals event, the 2023 individual World Championship and Rookie of the Year honors, a never before accomplished trifecta.

The surprising twists and turns of the league’s inaugural season are captured in the critically acclaimed docuseries, The Ride, streaming now on Prime Video.

The 2023 PBR Teams event schedule is:

Date                    City                                    Venue                                              Home Team

July 24-25           Cheyenne, WY                 Cheyenne Frontier Days                         Neutral Site

Aug. 3-5              Kansas City, MO              T-Mobile Center                                       Kansas City Outlaws

Aug. 12-13         Anaheim, CA                    Honda Center                                           Neutral Site

Aug. 18-20         Nashville, TN                    Bridgestone Arena                                  Nashville Stampede

Aug. 25-27          Austin, TX                         Moody Center                                Austin Gamblers

Sept. 8-10           Oklahoma City                 Paycom Center                              Oklahoma Freedom      

Sept. 15-17        Ridgedale, MO                 Thunder Ridge Nature’s Arena              Missouri Thunder

Sept. 22-24        Greensboro, NC              Greensboro Coliseum                  Carolina Cowboys

Sept. 29-Oct. 1  Glendale, AZ                     Desert Diamond Arena                             Arizona Ridge Riders

Oct. 6-8              Fort Worth, TX                 Dickies Arena                                 Texas Rattlers

Oct. 20-22          Las Vegas, NV                   T-Mobile Arena                                        Championship

Fans can purchase tickets by clicking:

PBR Teams is an elite league featuring the world’s top bull riders competing on teams in five-on-five bull riding games during an 11-event season beginning in July and culminating in a team championship at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas October 20-22. During the 2023 season, the league’s second, each of the eight teams representing teams in Austin, TX; Fort Worth, TX; Glendale, AZ; Greensboro, NC; Kansas City, MO; Nashville, TN; Oklahoma City, OK; and Ridgedale, MO; will host a three-day homestand. There are also neutral-site games in Cheyenne, WY and Anaheim, CA.

PBR Teams builds on the existing structure of professional bull riding with the same basic rules for judging and scoring qualified 8-second bull rides. Events are staged in a tournament-style format with all teams competing in head-to-head matchups against a different opponent each day. Each game features five riders per team squaring off against another team. Full team rosters are comprised of seven riders on the Protected  Roster and five Reserve Roster  members. The team with the highest aggregate score of qualified rides among its riders is declared the winner of each game. The event winner is the team with the most game wins across an event.

All PBR Teams events are carried on either the CBS Television Network, streaming live on Paramount+, CBS Sports Network, or RidePass on Pluto TV. For more information, visit, or follow on Facebook at, Twitter at, and YouTube at



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