Quick Look: Brooke Fraser Dazzles At The El Rey Theatre In Los Angeles

Brooke Fraser brought her infectious melodies and bubbly personality to the El Rey Theatre on Thursday night…  Her angelic voice charmed and captivated the sold out crowd.  Touring with fresh material from her wonderful new album, “Flags,” Fraser’s performance was nothing less than spectacular.  British rocker Sam Bradley was an exuberant opener.  Here is a quick look at the evening.  Look for a full review tomorrow.

Brooke Frasier Performs Songs From Her Flags Album At The El Rey. Photo: JB Brookman
Brooke Fraser In Los Angeles. Photo: JB Brookman
Brooke Fraser Was Simply Dazzling In Her Hollywood Performance. Photo: JB Brookman
Brooke Fraser Smiles At The El Rey Theater Crowd. Photo: JB Brookman


One thought on “Quick Look: Brooke Fraser Dazzles At The El Rey Theatre In Los Angeles

  1. Oh my goodness, i was there! I have been a huge fan of Brooke for the longest and have seen her in a worship setting with hillsong united but to see her solo was amazing i love her so much she is truly inspiring

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