Quick Look: Justin Bieber Thrills Staples Center Crowd In Los Angeles

It was one of the loudest crowds we have heard in 25 years of going to shows! Staples Center was Sold Out and packed full of young girls and their just-as-excited Moms.  It was quite a sight to see.  As the countdown timer on stage headed towards :00, the throng was headed towards a Bieber Fever.  Justin Bieber used his charm and “it” status to turn up the screams to an ear-popping pitch.  Bieber even debuted the trailer for his upcoming documentary, Never Say Never.Here’s a look at the night.  More to come…

Justin Bieber Belts Out A Hit At Staples Center. Photo: JB Brookman
Justin Bieber At Staples Center In Los Angeles. Photo: JB Brookman
Justin Bieber Leaps Through The Air During A Karate Dance Sequence. Photo: JB Brookman
Bieber Fever Was In The House In Los Angeles. Photo: JB Brookman
Justin Bieber Sings To The Thousands Of Screaming Female Fans In The Crowd. Photo: JB Brookman


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