Quick Look: Mumford And Sons Packs The Santa Barbara Bowl

Mumford & Sons brought a raw energy and enthusiasm to a packed-to-the-brim Santa Barbara Bowl on Monday night.  Marcus Mumford announced to the crowd that this was the longest set they had ever played and the largest audience they had ever played for.  Here’s a quick look-in to the show.  Full review to come…

Marcus Mumford brings his own brand of enthusiasm to The Santa Barbara Bowl. Photo: JB Brookman
Ted Dwane of Mumford and Sons in Santa Barbara. Photo: JB Brookman
Ben Lovett jams during the Mumford & Sons show in Santa Barbara. Photo: JB Brookman
"Country" Winston Marshall thrills the fans at The Santa Barbara Bowl. Photo: JB Brookman
Mumford and Sons provided a burst of light and action during their Santa Barbara show. Photo: JB Brookman
Ben Lovett and his accordion. Photo: JB Brookman
A sold out crowd at The Santa Barbara Bowl included many adoring female fans. Photo: JB Brookman
Marcus Mumford wows the Santa Barbara throng. Photo: JB Brookman
The banjo never rocked so hard- Winston Marshall in SB. Photo: JB Brookman
The Tallest Man On Earth played a spirited and talented opening set in Santa Barbara. Photo: JB Brookman


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