Quick Look: Sara Bareilles At The Wilma Theatre In Missoula, Montana

Sara Bareilles pumps up the Missoula, Montana crowd at the Wilma. Photo: JB Brookman
Sara Bareilles brings her magnetic energy to an adoring Wilma Theatre crowd. Photo: JB Brookman
Just announced as the new NBC "Sing Off" judge, Sara Bareilles entertains a sold out Missoula venue. Photo: JB Brookman
Sara Bareilles at the Wilma Theatre. Photo: JB Brookman
Sara Bareilles brings her eclectic array of pop hits and witty banter to Missoula. Photo: JB Brookman

Fresh off the announcement that Sara Bareilles would be the next judge of NBC’s “The Sing Off,” she was back at work in Missoula, Montana- playing the third show of her brand new Kaleidoscope Heart Tour.  The excitement for her new gig and tour was plausible in her boisterous singing and playful back-and-forth with the packed-to-the-brim Wilma Theatre crowd.

Here’s a look-in to the show!


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