Ron Artest Hosts Ring Series After-Party At Conga Room LA Live After Lakers Win

With 4 seconds left in the game, at Staples Center, the Lakers were down by one to the LA Clippers. Until Derek Fisher took over…

Fisher took an inbounds pass and went to the hoop, banking home the game-winning layup as time expired and improving the Lakers record to 16-6.

As celebrating Lakers fans poured out into Nokia Plaza, many of them found their way across LA Live to The Conga Room. It was there where Ron Artest was hosting a Ring Series after-party for charity. Biz Markie DJ’d the event and former Clipper center, Olden Polynice, presented Artest with an award from the City Of Los Angeles.

Artest signed t-shirts as fans swarmed the stage. The New York product was all smiles as he raised money for charity. He has said that he will be donating either part or all of next year’s salary to charity.

The Lakers are about to embark on a huge seven-game roadtrip. They should get center Andrew Bynum back, during the trip. The Lakers will meet with President Barack Obama on Monday in Washington, D.C.

Lakers Ron Artest Hosts After-Party For Charity At Conga Room. Photo: JB Brookman
The Lakers Beat The Clippers At The Buzzer. Ron Artest At LA Live. Photo: JB Brookman
The One And Only Biz Markie DJ'd The Lakers Event. Photo: JB Brookman
Bill Bellamy Was In The House At Ron Artest's Party. Photo: JB Brookman
Laker Ron Artest Changes T-Shirts As He Signs Them For Fans. Photo: JB Brookman
Ron Artest Receives Proclamation From The City Of LA. Photo: JB Brookman
The Conga Room Was Full Of Excited Lakers Fans After Their Win Over The Clippers. Photo: JB Brookman
Biz Markie And Ron Artest. Photo: JB Brookman
Ron Artest Signs T-Shirts At LA Live's Conga Room. Photo: JB Brookman


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