Santa Barbara Bowl: 92.9 KJEE’s Summer Roundup- Cage The Elephant, Manchester Orchestra, Foster The People And More

Foster The People at the Santa Barbara Bowl. Photo: JB Brookman

A young and dressed for summer crowd hit the Santa Barbara Bowl on Friday afternoon to enjoy an eclectic selection of alternative bands.  92.9 KJEE put on their Summer Round Up, featuring Cage The Elephant, Manchester Orchestra, Peter, Bjorn & John, Foster The People and Sleeper Agent.  Lykke Li was forced to cancel at the last minute, due to an illness, so in a cool twist of fate, each band got to play a full set.  There were plenty of drinks flowing at the Bowl- the outside lounge area, filling up with hipsters between every set.  This led to an upbeat and joyful day as the Santa Barbara weather gave us it’s usual perfect mix of warm but not hot afternoon, followed by a cool evening.  There was plenty of dancing and flirting going on in the eclectic crowd and none of the acts disappointed.  All of the bands were in a positive mood and some highlight sets were from Foster The People and Manchester Orchestra.  Here is a quick look-in to the day.

Cage The Elephant At 92.9 KJEE Summer Round Up at Santa Barbara Bowl. Photo: JB Brookman
Sleeper Agent in Santa Barbara. Photo: JB Brookman
Cage The Elephant- Santa Barbara Bowl. Photo: JB Brookman
Sleeper Agent- opening the KJEE 92.9 Summer Round Up In SB. Photo: JB Brookman
Sleeper Agent In Santa Barbara. Photo: JB Brookman
Foster The People at Santa Barbara Bowl. Photo: JB Brookman
Foster The People stirs the Santa Barbara crowd. Photo: JB Brookman
Foster The People brings a crowd-pleasing set to Santa Barbara. Photo: JB Brookman
Peter, Bjorn & John bring the Swedish goods to Santa Barbara Bowl. Photo: JB Brookman
Peter, Bjorn & John- 92.9 KJEE Summer Roundup. Photo: JB Brookman
Cage The Elephant rocks Santa Barbara. Photo: JB Brookman
Manchester Orchestra at the Santa Barbara Bowl. Photo: JB Brookman
Manchester Orchestra blasts through a set in Santa Barbara. Photo: JB Brookman
Manchester Orchestra- 92.9 KJEE Summer Roundup, Santa Barbara Bowl. Photo: JB Brookman
Manchester Orchestra in Santa Barbara. Photo: JB Brookman
Peter, Bjorn & John, Santa Barbara Bowl. Photo: JB Brookman
Peter, Bjorn & John in Santa Barbara. Photo: JB Brookman


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