Santa Barbara Bowl To Host Norah Jones, This August

Norah Jones, coming to the Santa Barbara Bowl.
Norah Jones returns to the beautiful Santa Barbara Bowl on Tuesday, August 7th, with special guest. Tickets
go on sale Saturday, March 31st at 11am.
Norah Jones’ new collaboration with Danger Mouse, called Little Broken Hearts has expanded her sound in
thrilling and characteristically subtle ways. Twelve darkly luminous songs. Twelve little broken hearts. Each an
exploration of wounded emotions from various perspectives that invariably leads to a place of beauty and uplift.
Jones says that as she worked to fit the songs together into a workable sequence, she was pleasantly surprised
to discover that it coalesced into a unified statement – even “Happy Pills,” with its talk of “tryin’ to make it so I
never see your face again,” revolves around the overall theme. “I didn’t expect all the lyrics to tie in so well,
especially since we wrote in such a spontaneous way. It turns out to be kind of a story. It has these different
dimensions. Things sneak up on you. And even though the record has all these cool sounds and interesting
grooves that are Brian’s signature, mostly I’m proud of our writing together. The songs themselves.”
10 years after she first performed at SXSW, Jones made a triumphant return to the festival the other week,
performing Little Broken Hearts in its entirety in front of an enraptured capacity crowd. The Associated Press
praised the new songs, calling them “stylish yet deeply emotional,” adding that “she showed fans a different
side” and that the album is “a departure for Jones and another step in her evolution.” USA Today wrote
“sometimes sweet and sometimes spooky, the songs, co‐written and produced by Danger Mouse on the album,
have atmospheric weight performed live also,” and highlighted the “cheery, cutting” lead single “Happy Pills.”
Don’t miss your chance to see Norah Jones at the Santa Barbara Bowl on Tuesday, August 7th, with special
guest. Tickets range from $39 to $69, plus applicable service charges. The Santa Barbara Bowl is located at
1122 N. Milpas St., Santa Barbara, CA 93103, 805-962-7411.


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