Switchfoot Release Annual Christmas Merchandise Package, Including New EP, “Eastern Hymns For Western Shores”

Switchfoot Christmas Packages

Switchfoot has a Christmas tradition of releasing unique merchandise packages for the holiday.  They are available exclusively through their online merchandise store.  In the past, the band has released exclusive CD’s and DVD’s with the packages.  This Christmas, the long awaited EP, “Eastern Hymns For Western Shores” is part of the package.  Here is what the band had to say:

“First up is something we are really excited about, a new EP called “Eastern Hymns For Western Shores”. These songs were recorded during the time between “Nothing Is Sound” and “Oh! Gravity”. For years the masters to these sessions were thought to be lost/stolen, but they have at last been recovered. Recorded and mixed within the same week, these six songs showcase a darker and more mysterious sound for the band, and we’re excited that they will finally be heard. We went all out with the packaging for it too. Each song on the EP has it’s own unique postcard and it’s all wrapped up like you just picked them up from the gift shop on your travels around the world. We really hope you like it!”

Here is the link to Switchfoot’s online store.


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