Switchfoot Thrill Their Hometown Christmas Crowd With Wrex The Halls Performance

Switchfoot brought the most energetic and euphoric performance of the night at 91x’s Wrex The Halls at Viejas Arena in San Diego.  This was a hometown Christmas crowd for the SD natives.  Jon Foreman and company brought an energy that was intimate, yet out of control.  The entire band was spinning and careening across the stage, all night.  The pinnacle of the set was during “Dare You To Move,” when Foreman went sprinting across the venue and ended up five rows up, into the crowd.  Viejas was going nuts and singing along at the top of their lungs.

The show marked a year on the road, supporting their amazing album, Hello Hurricane.  They are headed to the studio to record a new album, tenatively titled Vice Verses.

Other highlights of the set were, “This Is Your Life,” “Mess Of Me,” and the raging “The Sound (John M Perkins Blues).”  Switchfoot were home.

Jon Foreman Of Switchfoot At San Diego's 91x Wrex The Halls. Photo: JB Brookman
Drew Shirley From Switchfoot At Viejas Arena. Photo: JB Brookman
Jon Foreman Rocks His Hometown Of San Diego. Photo: JB Brookman
Bassist Tim Foreman At The Wrex The Halls Performance. Photo: JB Brookman
Switchfoot Brought The Hometown Crowd To It's Feet In San Diego. Photo: JB Brookman
Switchfoot At Wrex The Halls. Photo: JB Brookman
Jon Foreman Went Into The Viejas Arena Crowd During The Holiday Show. Photo: JB Brookman
Switchfoot At Viejas Arena In San Diego. Photo: JB Brookman


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