Tay Slay: Taylor Swift Smashes Record For Biggest Concert Crowd Ever in Pittsburgh

Tay Slay: Taylor Swift Smashes Record For Biggest Concert Crowd Ever in Pittsburgh

The largest ticketed event in the history of Pittsburgh. With a city known for it’s long, storied history of sports teams and arguably the greatest NFL franchise in history, you would think that the record would belong to one of the many Steelers playoff games. Nope. Taylor Swift shattered multiple records on Saturday night during one of her two shows in Pittsburgh.

Our coverage of Taylor Swift’s RED TOUR OPENER in Los Angeles from August, 2013.

The venue formerly known as Heintz field was jam packed on Saturday night as the ERAs Tour electrified the Steel City. 73,117 Swifties packed Acrisure Stadium and broke the previous record that Garth Brooks held, by a few thousand fans. That is not even including the thousands of rabid fans who packed the parking lots, the spaces across the river and the dozens of packed boats floating on the river itself.

Taylor is also the first performer to play Acrisure twice- as she packed it out both nights.

Taylor thrilled fans when she performed ‘Red’ track ‘The Last Time’ for the first time in a decade on Friday night as part of her nightly surprise songs.

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It’s hard to even put a number on what Tay Tay does to every city she stops at. Not only are the ticket prices on the brink of outrageous, just think of the SWAG (tshirts, hats, programs, etc), the concessions, the hotels, the restaurants and all of the small businesses helped by the Queen of Pop.

She did the same thing when she was here in Nashville last month. ERAS Tour keeps on rolling!

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