The Dixie Chicks, Minus Natalie Maines, Equals The Court Yard Hounds

Introducing, The Court Yard Hounds…

The Court Yard Hounds are guitarist-banjoist Emily Robison and her sister, fiddler Martie Maguire. With Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines on an indefinite hiatus, the girls have recorded a new album, mostly at Maguire’s home studio in Austin.  The name of the new band is a reference to the best-selling novel City of Thieves.

Jacob Dylan (Wallflowers) will appear on the new record, due for release in May.  The Court Yard Hounds will perform at Austin’s South By Southwest in March and a tour is planned to follow.

It should be very interesting to hear this folk influenced record.  Especially the first-time lead vocals from Emily Robinson.  Will this record and tour inspire Natalie Maines to make a return to music and the Dixie Chicks?


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