The Hollywood Icon Magazine Movie Review: “INK”

As the city sleeps, INK shines…
A movie about dreams uncovers the struggles at the heart of every family and the conflicting voices in a man’s head as he walks through this life.
To say that we were excited to experience the independent film INK is an understatement.  This was the fourth Hollywood screening and we had run into SOLD OUT shows for the past two weeks. Our office was boiling over with anticipation. Anyone who checks out the trailers on the Double Edge Films website will experience the same.
Sunset Boulevard and the Laemmle Sunset 5 was where it all went down (INK is showing there for a week, beginning this Friday, September 11). Another full theatre of fans showed up for this viewing, and were privy to a brand new, 9-minute behind the scenes documentary and a video introduction by Denver-based writer/director Jamin Winans.
You’ve never seen a movie like INK. While it’s look is visually stunning and surreal, it’s the masterful storytelling that moves your heart and pricks your mind and unveils some moving themes. Life and death… good and evil… father and daughter… failure and redemption… the big battles in this world are examined during this journey. To give a description of the story would be taking away from it’s power. You simply must go.
The soundtrack, also by Jamin Williams, was haunting and ethereal. It seemed married to the script in a unique way not achieved by many big budget films.
The independent film is unique in that the viewer does not have to bring the baggage of big name actors into the experience. Nothing against big studio films at all, but, there is something to be said about watching a great performance by someone you have not seen before. You don’t have to filter the A-list actor’s last role or their last run-in with TMZ while you enjoy their interpretation of the character. Two performances stood out in INK: Chris Kelly as John, who played the father in the film and Jessica Duffy as the Storyteller. Winans brought a talented cast together and proved that he is a filmmaker to watch in the future.
A number of the cast were in attendance, answering questions and greeting the satisfied moviegoers on the way out of the theatre.


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