The Legend, BB King, Mezmerizes Canyon Club Faithful At LA Show (Photos)

When an all-time great like BB King rolls through town, you make darn sure that you get a ticket to that show!  The aging legend still dazzles, weaving jokes and tales, in the middle of bluesy musical interludes.  Yes, his shows are more nostalgia now, than music.  But, there are moments of extreme musical clarity, where King disappears- back into his youth.  You could close your eyes and think that it was the 1980’s again.  Check out these images, of the King of the Blues and his trusty guitar, Lucille.

BB King at the Canyon Club. Photo: JB Brookman
The King of the Blues, Mr. BB King. Photo: JB Brookman
BB King performs in Los Angeles. Photo: JB Brookman
Blues legend BB King dazzles fans in LA. Photo: JB Brookman
BB King. The King of the Blues. Photo: JB Brookman
A full house at the Canyon Club for BB King. Photo: JB Brookman


Photography by: JB Brookman Photography


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