The Lumineers Take Us On A Soul-Cleansing Folk Romp In Nashville

The Lumineers Take Us On A Soul-Cleansing Folk Romp In Nashville

Concert Review

Smiles and cries were plenty at Bridgestone- while the Lumineers loyal following danced and swayed the night away… The Lumineers did not wait to take the Arena crowd to the highest heights- opening up with some of their biggest hits: Brightside, Cleopatra and Ho Hey… To say the place was going off, would truly be an understatement.

Nashville Live Photographer JB Brookman was on the scene to capture all the feels…

There’s something super intimate and free about the Lumineers. They seem to stretch the boundaries of the “folk band” trap and definitely are not afraid to stomp, laugh, lay down on stage and venture near or into the audience. Their music has translated perfectly into arenas as they have grown and definitely connects to the younger crowd. You could see groups of high school aged girls, in their honky tonk school night best, screaming and jumping to the beats that drummer Jeremiah Fraites was laying down. Lead singer Wesley Schultz has that thing, where you are just waiting for him to look your way and flash that gentle but addictive smile.

Disco ball sparkles were spilled across the throng multiple times… one of the coolest vibes of the night until the confetti explosion at the tail end of it. The Lumineers continue to show that they have healing communal power in their music and that their live shows bring all of that to the table. A fresh breath of air, as Music City heads into September.

The current lineup of the band includes Wesley Schultz, Jeremiah Fraites, Laurén Jacobson, Brandon Miller, Stelth Ulvang and Byron Issacs.

SETLIST: The Lumineers at Bridgestone Arena Nashville Thursday September 1, 2022

  2. Cleopatra
  3. Ho Hey
  4. Angela
  5. A.M. RADIO
  6. Dead Sea
  7. Flowers in Your Hair
  9. My Cell
  10. Slow It Down
  11. Charlie Boy
  13. Gloria
  14. Sleep on the Floor
  15. Ophelia
  16. Leader of the Landslide / You Can’t Always Get What You Want
  19. Gale Song(with James Bay)
  20. Big Parade
  21. Donna
  22. Submarines
  25. Stubborn Love

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