The SinlessLife Interview: Producer NO ID Dishes On Roc Nation, Rihanna And Custom Jewelry

It’s Sunday night and we wind through the hills above Hollywood.  We glance above to see the glowing spot where the Transformers hung out at the Griffith Park Observatory.  The excitement builds as we arrive to interview one of the most successful producers of our time. We enter the studio and meet a goldmine of up and coming talent, including Bridget Kelly.  We watch Jay-Z and Alicia Keys perform at the AMA’s as we wait for NO ID to arrive.  Minutes later we are sitting and talking music, style and custom jewelry…

No ID by JB Brookman for SinlessLife
No ID Rocking His SinlessLife Necklace In The Studio. Photo: JB Brookman

“I am a custom type guy.”- NO ID

NO ID is the now.  “Run This Town” with Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West- he produced it.  The new Common album- he’s working on it.  He is known as Kanye’s mentor.  He recently produced Jay-Z’s first single off The Blueprint 3,   ”D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)“.  The lists of artists he has worked with is staggering, including Janet Jackson, Usher, Alycia Keys, John Legend and Lauryn Hill.  The Godfather of Chicago hip hop is as smokin as any producer around and poised for the next.

SinlessLife:  What can we anticipate from NO ID?

“A lot of good, new music.  I’m working on the new Common album.  I started working on the new Kanye album, but he’s taking a break right now…  J. Cole and a lot of Roc Nation projects, like Bridgette Kelly…  I’m working with Jazmine Sullivan and just projects that fit what I like.”

SinlessLife:  Did you work on the new Rihanna album (“Rated R”)?

“Not on the new album… Kanye and I worked on some songs with her.  We still have them.  We’ll use them at some point.  You know, the album they did was very specific and I don’t think the songs would have fit in with what they were doing.  But, we definitely got some good songs.”

SinlessLife:  You produced Jay-Z’s “Death of Autotune,” which was a big blow to that trend. Do you have anymore tracks coming out against autotune?

“Nah…  well, when I think about it, in the same year that I did that Jay-Z song, I also did “Heartless” by Kanye (a track heavy with autotune).  So, I don’t have any moral stance on it.  I just deal with the song.”

SinlessLife:  You are wearing a custom necklace by Lara Manoukian  Is it enjoyable to work with her?

“Yeah, I mean, yeah!  That’s my friend, you know?  I like her vision.  I like her work ethic.”

SinlessLife:  What is it like for you to have your own custom piece of jewelry?

“I am a custom type guy!  So, I like things to be custom.  I like things to fit exactly how I like and I want what I want.  I’m not, you know, a go get what’s on the shelf that everyone else has kind of guy.”

As we were wowed by NO ID’s stunning custom necklace, it reminded us of the impact that Lara Manoukian and SinlessLife are having in the entertainment industry.  Be the next to be the first in your sphere of influence to wear a custom piece.  You can check out some of Lara’s celebrity clients and pieces on her website:

JB Brookman

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