Watch: Kings of Leon Release City Sessions 2024 (Live From Nashville)

Watch: Kings of Leon Release City Sessions 2024 (Live From Nashville)

Band Performs New Songs From Their New Album- Can We Please Have Fun?

KOL are jumping back into the scene this month, with a new album and a world tour starting next month (Nashville show September 26th at Bridgestone). The boys blasted out a cool new live music session this week… turning some heads with their new stuff. They performed in a cool barn-type atmosphere at Copperline Ranch in Nashville to a small group of fans.

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Here’s some live jams from the Amazon Music City Sessions for you to enjoy, including many songs played for the 1st time ever live.

They did 2 setlists and here are the tracks, including one of our older favs, Radioactive…

Set List 1:

01. Nothing to Do (Live Debut)

02. Find Me

03. On Call

04. Ballerina Radio (Live Debut)

05. Closer

06. Radioactive

07. Nowhere to Run (Live Debut)

08. Revelry

09. Pyro

10. Mustang

11. Molly’s Chambers

12. Split Screen (Live Debut)

13. The Bandit

14. Use Somebody

15. Seen (Live Debut)

Set List 2:

16. Rainbow Ball

17. M Television

18. Don’t Stop The Bleeding

19. Arizona

20. King of the Rodeo

21. Pickup Truck

22. Manhattan


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